Maximize your revenue with a unique technology

We reach 18 million users

This makes 62% of Polish Internet users.

Sale of space based on conversions

Which means advertising aimed at user’s purchases in every corner of the Internet.

Our own technology

Our engineers have focused on developing a technology that is easy to roll out and allows the client to achieve the best results in terms of the Publisher’s space monetization.

Depending on the expectations of our partners, we offer two ways of integration.

Ways of integration with the Publisher


  • WPartner’s Javascript code placed in the publisher’s adserver
  • Multiple calls of demand sources by an advertising tag
  • Broadcast of the advertisement with the highest CPM rate

Header Bidding

  • Certified prebid adapter added to header bidding
  • Several competing demand sources for a single page view
  • Broadcast of the advertisement with the highest CPM rate

We are a certified partner of


We operate 100% in line with the requirements of the organization.

Sources of advertising demand

Diversification of demand sources available in one place is the best way to increase competitiveness and achieve the best results.

WPartner is a solution that enables you to choose the most suitable offer without the need to integrate the Publisher with multiple partners.

Media houses

Direct customers
(including regional)



Main pricing models:






Automatic optimization for the highest possible eCPM.

Our technology partners


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